Ørsted søger elever

 Vi har fokus på din udvikling og giver et godt grundlag for din videre karrriere.

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Ørsted søger elever

Bliv elev i Europas hurtigst voksende energiselskab. 


Aabenraa Kommune søger kontorelever

Vi søger 6 friske elever, der kan starte den 1. september 2020


Bliv revisortrainee hos PKF Munkebo Vindelev

Er du vores næste engagerede revisortrainee? Pr. 1. februar og 1. september 2020 søger vi nye trainees, som har evnerne og viljen til at skille sig ud i branchen.

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Ultrabulk A/S

Build a Career in International Shipping

The Ultrabulk Trainee Programme

A traineeship in Ultrabulk is an intensive two-year programme consisting of both theoretical and practical training. 

As a trainee in Ultrabulk, you will follow the theoretical training of the Commercial Shipping Programme at the Danish Shipping Academy with other Danish and international Shipping Trainees.

The theoretical training consists of a unique combination of classroom sessions and e-learning. You will learn about Maritime Economics, Maritime Law, Negotiation Technique, Cultural Awareness and Ship Knowledge. 

The practical training takes place at the Ultrabulk Copenhagen office where you will gain extensive knowledge about the main areas of shipping; chartering and operations as well as the support functions such as operations control, laytime and fuel procurement. As a part of the education, you will join various departments and have a mentor dedicated to you in each new team. 

During the two years you will also experience a period abroad either in one of our overseas offices such as Santiago, Singapore or another Ultrabulk location or with one of the Ultrabulk business partners. 

Shipping Trainee Christian Goth Dencker shares his experiences, "my favourite part of being a trainee at Ultrabulk is the inclusion that starts from the very beginning. Everyone is willing to help anyone. There is a unique balance in the work environment between casualness and formality. I have always felt I needed a hands-on job, and therefore a trainee position was a perfect match for me. And I enjoy every single day, because what I learn, I get to use in practice. This makes me feel like I am contributing to the company. A big perk to the traineeship at Ultrabulk is that you are guaranteed a 3 months stay in one of our offices abroad." 

In the Ultra Group we are convinced that an optimal working environment requires an excellent social atmosphere across departments and units. As a trainee in the Ultra Group you have the opportunity to participate in various social events and sports activities planned throughout the year.  

Education and Competences - do you have what it takes?

We expect you have/are: 

  • HHX or STX with mathematics on level B as a minimum 
  • Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing
  • Craftsmanship, business acumen and an analytical mindset 
  • Excellent social skills and a desire to contribute to a positive atmosphere 
  • An open-minded approach and team player-skills
  • International experience through work or studies 

You might also have a BSc in International Shipping and Trade, Maritime Studies or another relevant bachelor’s degree but this is not a requirement

Application deadline is the 31st of December 2019 

We start reviewing the applications after the deadline. The recruitment process will take place during January and early February. 

Once you have completed the programme

Upon successful completion of a traineeship in Ultrabulk, you should be provided with: 

  • A great start to your career in shipping within a company that keeps a narrow focus on your continuous development both personally and theoretically 
  • Profound knowledge of the shipping industry 
  • A network of highly professional and motivated colleagues 
  • International working experience from one of our offices abroad 
  • Hands-on experience with all aspects of shipping supplemented with participation in tailored courses 

Please refer to elevportalen.dk when applying. 


Ultrabulk A/S
Smakkedalen 6
2820 Gentofte

Practical information

Application deadline: 31st of December 2019
Commencing: 1st of September 2020


Global HR Coordinator, Christine Melbye Carstensen
tlf.: +45 39 97 05 04


Ultrabulk Career

Ultrabulk strives to offer interesting and challenging positions in an inspiring atmosphere, as part of a motivated and dedicated team. The company’s overall philosophy is to nurture and promote staff desires, thereby improving their professional competences and skills. Tailored HRD, trainee and career programmes, as well as inter-office exchange opportunities are aimed at further stimulating a positive working environment. Positions offered are aimed at being both demanding and challenging, but due respect is given to assuring a fair work life balance. 

With regard to seafarers, we would inform that as our long-term tonnage is secured predominantly via time-charter contracts, the company is not directly involved in the engaging of neither officers nor crew for such vessels. Seafarers should direct their applications to relevant crewing companies.

The company has offices strategically located in Copenhagen (HQ), New York, Hamburg, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Santiago and Singapore. The recruitment of staff is normally handled by the management of the individual office. Offices have differing staffing requirements and needs; hence please refer to the respective offices contact section in order to identify the activities of each individual office.

More about Ultrabulk

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Elev i IKEA

Bliv logistikelev, salgselev eller dekoratørelev / visual merchandiser


Maskinmesteruddannelsen er Danmarks bredeste tekniske lederuddannelse. Du bliver fagligt stærk og får kompetencer inden for bl.a. maskin- og el-teknik.

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Speditørelev i DSV

DSV søger speditørelever, der præsterer og viser initiativ. Hos DSV bliver du en del af en årgang med 50 dygtige og topmotiverede elever og en hel unik mulighed for at udvikle dig!

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Er det dit første besøg på elevportalen.dk? Læs mere om hvordan vi kan hjælpe dig på vej.

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