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Fredericia & Hellerup

Monjasa is a global partner in the oil and shipping industries. Our core business includes reselling and physical supply of marine fuels, oil terminal operations and ship-owning activities on a global level.We are characterised by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and have achieved strong growth on a global scale since our start in 2002.

Monjasa offers you a fulfilling career in a global organisation, where you will be part of a dynamic and ambitious team. We enjoy great learning opportunities and are proud of our fantastic work environment.

Working at Monjasa

Working at Monjasa must provide a meaningful career in the oil and shipping industries, where you will be part of a dynamic and ambitious team. We enjoy great learning opportunities, and the internal development of colleagues is something we value highly.

We care deeply about our working environment, and our latest Employee Engagement Survey showed an overall satisfaction rate of 8.7 out of 10. This is an achievement we are very proud of and that we continue to work towards.

Our workplace is highly diverse. We have colleagues, customers and partners living and working in all time zones, and even if you are not required to travel in your job, you will still sense the vibe of a global company.

We are family

As a Monjasa employee you are part of a family where we help and support each other. We have ambitious goals, and we intend to reach them through teamwork. Whilst we encourage you to show drive and determination, it is crucial for us that you do not strive for success at the expense of fellow colleagues.

“Monjasa means personal business in the oil and shipping industries. By living our values, Respect, Ambition, Curiosity, and Smile & Joy, we are strong personal personal relations and engaging in networks in every port. We enjoy great learning opportunities and are proud of our fantastic working environment.”

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Our values

Respect, Ambition, Curiosity and Smile & Joy are rooted in our DNA. They connect all of us across offices and borders, and they are an important part of our recruitment process. This is what they mean to us: We have profound respect for the diversity of people, knowledge and cultures in our approach to colleagues and customers. We are ambitious in our daily work, and we never rest on our laurels. We strive to uphold high standards in all aspects of our work. Every day. Our curiosity is embedded in our motivation to ask questions others might not. We see opportunities and our business relies on curiosity pushing us to expand our horizons. Lastly, we believe that having fun helps break down barriers in all relations. You will find that the atmosphere at our offices is often relaxed and informal.

The Monjasa culture

Only by living our values and focusing on the human factor in life and business, are we able to realise our corporate purpose. We strive towards building strong personal relations both externally and internally, and this has become part of the culture at Monjasa. Even though we are a global company, you will most likely sense our Scandinavian heritage at all offices. We have a flat organisational structure, and we value teamwork and mutual success. We are also a social workplace, and we genuinely enjoy each other's company. We like to arrange various get-togethers during the year, whether it is a spontaneous afternoon drink, sport events, a summer party or Running for Smiles.

Do you want a career that combines hands-on experience from Singapore, Dubai, Panama, Denmark, Cyprus and Stamford with an education in the oil & shipping industry?

Your career

We offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities

Monjasa Academy

When you are a trainee at Monjasa, we offer various opportunities to build your career starting as a trainee. Depending on your commitment and desires, we may offer you a full-time position after completing the Trainee programme.

Onboarding programme

Already before your first day at Monjasa, you will be acquainted with Monjasa Academy and our onboarding programme. This is designed to swiftly introduce you to the Monjasa organisation and business. Starting in a new job is a big leap – we make sure that you land on both feet.

Offering guidance and modern learning techniques

At Monjasa, you will be guided to maximise your potential and gain greater insights into our business. We strongly believe in developing all aspects of our employees, therefore we support you not only in improving your knowledge, skills and competencies, but also your personal abilities in teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Oil & Shipping

As a Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainee (MOST), you become part of a global two-year programme that combines hands-on experience and in-depth industry knowledge. As part of our MOST programme, you will be working as a Trader Trainee.


We offer Finance Trainees a unique opportunity to get to know Monjasa from behind the scenes. From the outset, you will be responsible for distinct parts of our cash flow while continuously expanding your area of responsibility in line with your capabilities and development.

IT Supporter

Monjasa’s IT Department provides state-of-the-art IT solutions to the entire Group. Being an IT Supporter Trainee requires an international mind-set and the right motivation to always provide that extra service to your colleagues. Gain a lot of hands-on experience.

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Of course you have all the right papers: the right qualifications, the handsome CV. This shows you’ve got talent. But talent is not enough at Monjasa. We believe that success is also attributed to hard work and drive (and perhaps a little luck). Drive is fuelled by passion, and passion is spurred by our desire to grow as a person. Be open to discover your full potential and let your true colours shine.


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T: (+45) 76 31 72 90

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